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Молитва “The Prayer” (Bi-2)

Elizaveta has recently recorded and filmed a few acoustic versions of songs from her EP and covers of songs she loves. Here is the first one, in honor of her friendship with the legendary Russian rock band Bi-2: her cover of their beautiful song ‘The Prayer’.

Translation from Russian:

Be quiet

Hearts up on the roof

are breathing slowly before they leap

I can hear all your thoughts

All we care about has gone topsy-curvy

How can one say this, without breaking it, tearing it apart

We are a like a river, here for ages

like the words of a prayer

Everything, except love

our whole life – so far away

I am not alone

but I am no one without you

Ashes are light and weightless

you didn’t notice the swift passage of time

the spell runs out and pearls become glass

How empty it is, on the inside

without mirages, without magic

We are here only for a moment

let it sound like the words of a prayer