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  • “Unconfined” Feature Film Soundtrack

    Confined to his room during Covid, Victor Pineda, an urban planner, activist, professor and filmmaker that uses a breathing machine 24/7, continues his search for what makes a life worth living. The documentary contrasts an earlier crisis in Victor’s life and the expansive, chaotic trip he took to Varanasi, India with present-day meditative Vlogs that shed light on his life search for meaning. The film’s soundtrack features a number of Elizaveta’s meditative soundscapes, including outtakes from “Songs of Sleep,” acoustic rendition of “Extraordinary” and many others, especially created or selected for the film. The film was premiered at Word Economic Forum in Davos in late 2022, and will be in wider distribution in the second half of 2023.    

  • “My Invincible Compass” (documentary) soundtrack

    Elizaveta contributed a number of her compositions to “My Invincible Compass”:  a film directed by Matt MIller. It’s a chronicle of childhood trauma and the journey of the heart. Filmed across Japan over a period of five years, this one-of-a-kind documentary follows the journeys of children living in institutional care and shows the kind of world they face after aging out of the system. The film is sponsored by Keen Footwear and will premiere in March 2023. Among many, also featured is her original song especially written + recorded for the film in Japanese: “Kokoro no Compass.”

  • Elizaveta’s New Acoustic Single: “Wide Awake”

    It’s time for some sweetness, and Elizaveta has released “Wide Awake,” recorded with a string quintet. The song speaks of waiting up for a special someone, after a long day of hectic routine. Should E have released it on Valentine’s Day instead? You be the judge! You can stream the song everywhere, but to support Elizaveta in a real and meaningful way, consider purchasing the song on here on BandCamp, which is the most artist-friendly resource:

  • Here comes a BANGER: “Red Riding Hood,” feat. Dylan Charbeneau

    Now and then we need some groove in our lives, and less lyricism: this is that single from Elizaveta. “Red Riding Hood” is a collaboration between her and veteran producer + writer Dylan Charbeneau. Streaming everywhere, but always worth it to purchase at BandCamp!

  • Showtime’s “Shameless” Features “Lion’s Den”!

    One of Elizaveta and Jonathan Paulsen’s newest songs is in episode 4 of the 11th season of Showtime’s hit series Shameless! If you want to know what an opera singer taking to Rock sounds like, listen to “Lion’s Den” now on all major platforms! 

  • Archangel – Early Release

    Elizaveta’s new single “Archangel” is a both a return to her operatic roots, and a culmination of the electronic influences that have touched her work over the years. With soaring vocals the likes of which haven’t been seen since her distinct tracks “Odi et Amo” and “Bella Anima,” Archangel is set to bring opera to a new generation with its embrace of a Drum ‘n Bass accompaniment, all masterfully assembled in partnership with her long time collaborator Jonathan Paulsen. Additionally, the song is available both as a solo piece with only Elizaveta’s vocals, as well as an alternate duet version sung with the wonderful tenor Timur Bekbosunov! The first phase of its release is to Elizaveta’s Bandcamp, with all other major platforms to follow shortly!  This song has been a labor of love for several years; if you wish to join those that have enjoyed early pre-release access to Elizaveta’s music and watch the evolution of some of her more experimental works, be sure to check out her Patreon!

  • Single Release: Night Song/Дышать

    Russian translation to follow: Elizaveta’s much awaited single “Дышать” and it’s English counterpart “Night Song” are now available worldwide! “Дышать” was originally featured as part of the soundtrack of season 2 of the Russian television series “Pregnancy Test.” Both songs can be now purchased on Elizaveta’s BandCamp, Apple Music, Spotify and other commercial digital services. Stream it, download it, and enjoy! Долгожданный сингл Елизаветы «Дышать» и его английский аналог «Night Song» уже доступны по всему миру! Изначально «Дышать» использовалось в качестве саундтрека ко 2 сезону российского сериала «Тест на беременность». Обе песни теперь доступны для потоковой передачи и покупки в BandCamp Елизаветы, Apple Music, Spotify и других коммерческих цифровых сервисах. Транслируйте, скачивайте и наслаждайтесь!

  • Elizaveta Live for KitaQ Music Days!

    UPDATE: Watch elizaveta’s stage performance on October 18th, 2020 in Kitakyushu Fukuoka, Japan: 2020年10月18日北九州市小倉北区勝山公園でのエリザヴェータのライブの模様をご覧ください

  • See Elizaveta Live… In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

    Given the current state of health in the world, many concerts have been canceled due to necessary social distancing measures. Elizaveta’s shows were no different in this regard. But she does want to bring you all the gift of music in these times. The Flower Alchemist is now broadcasting signature live shows from her home straight to yours!  Please join us live on to enjoy signature singles, live improvisation, and rare deep dives into her song archives! Elizaveta loops live and creates music on the fly. Her Patreon & Twitch subscribers are also able to request covers and themed improvs. Her current running Twitch live streaming schedule is at 12:00 Noon CEST (Paris)/19.00 JST (Tokyo) on Saturdays and at 6PM PDT/21.00 EDT on Sundays for the USA timezones.  A live/updated schedule is maintained at Elizaveta’s Twitch page. We also recommend watching the shows on your Apple TV, if you have one!

  • SOS (Stonebank/Elizaveta) out on Monstercat!

    Elizaveta’s signature single SOS, co-written with Justin Gray, has a brand new sound! Elizaveta teamed up with the ultra-talented Stonebank, and it has now been released on Monstercat Records.  

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