Elizaveta is a quad-lingual opera-pop singer, songwriter, pianist and producer.

Born in New York City to diplomat parents, Elizaveta grew up in Moscow, Russia. She started playing piano and writing songs when she was five years old. Her childhood was full of music, but also shadowed by fears of potential fallout from a major head trauma she received as a baby, which left her with a mild case of synesthesia and prone to dramatic episodes of sleepwalking. When she turned 15, she left home and embarked upon a 3-year journey across Europe. She played piano and sang in seedy European nightclubs, studied herbal alchemy in an Italian monastery, and finished it off by attending the Prague Academy of Music. Her gypsy star then took her to Los Angeles, where she graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in opera and music composition.

In 2011, Elizaveta signed with Universal Republic Records and immediately went into the studio with the multi-Grammy award winner and producer Greg Wells (Adele, Rufus Wainwright, Katy Perry, and Elton John) who helped Elizaveta hone her “opera-pop” vision and style. The result was her 2012 major label debut “Beatrix Runs,” which featured the iTunes Song Of The Week & single “Dreamer.”

With that debut, Elizaveta distinguished herself as the “5th Element” of pop by mixing opera with electronica, classical and soul. Elizaveta left Universal Republic Records in 2013 and launched her own label Flower Army Records. In spring of 2014, the self-titled self-produced track “Hero” from her “Hero EP” was remixed by electronic dance music duo Pegboard Nerds and featured in the viral video “Superman with a GoPro,” garnering over 21 million views on YouTube.

Since then, Elizaveta’s music has been featured in a cadre of films and numerous television shows, such as “Pretty Little Liars,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Triple Nine,” “Scandal” and “The Affair,” amongst others. She is the recognized voice of the Tavern Bard Maryden Halewell in the award-winning video game “Dragon Age: Inquisition” and has toured widely both in Europe and the United States, gracing the TED stage numerous times.

She has also toured Russia with Russian power rock duo B-2 and a symphony orchestra and performed to audiences up to 14,000 people at a time. Their duet “Только Любовь Починит” (“Only Love Will Fix This”) topped Russian pop charts in spring 2015. Her single “Trap” is featured in a major Russian 2016 motion picture “Призрак,” while a heartbreaking ballad “Выше” (“Higher”) is the emotional centerpiece of the recent action blockbuster “Молот” (“Hammer”).

Elizaveta’s 2nd full album “Messenger” was released in 2015, written, produced and arranged by herself (with the exception of two songs, “Trap” & “Space Pirate’s Love Song” co-produced with J Paulsen). The album was mixed by 6-time Grammy winner Rob Chiarelli. Brooklyn-based band Great Caesar are featured on the title tune.

Elizaveta’s collaboration continued such as “Space Pirate’s Love Song” music video with NASA, a hit dance anthem “Extraordinary” with returning Pegboard Nerds, and a surprising drum’n’base release “Drifters” with British rising star Feint. In the music video of her melodic pop single “SOS,” she collaborated with director Vlad Marsavin and his award-winning animated short film “Sebastian.”

In 2019, Elizaveta released her first duet album “目覚める理由” (“Reasons to Wake Up”) recorded entirely in Japanese language with Scott Murphy (MONOEYES / ALLiSTER) and toured in 16 cities across Japan. The album was mixed by multiple-Grammy winner Rob Chiarelli and David Peters, and mastered by 3-time Latin Grammy nominee Alex Psaroudakis.

She is currently based in Japan, working on an upcoming release in Mandarin Chinese, and hatching exciting collaborations all over the world.

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  Selected press:

“…jaw-droppingly talented…”

“…a breath of fresh air…”

“…a perfectly sweet combination of pop, electronic, and opera that features her dreamy vocals and 19th-meets-21st century mentality.”

“…an exciting and enthralling emerging artist.”

“…an amazing young talent.”

“…chic and heartwarming…”

“…one in a million…”

“Elevating music to new heights, Elizaveta continues her role as a brilliant musical innovator who can honestly claim to be doing new things in music that no one else is.”

“…her style is one-of-a-kind ethereal.”

“…poised to have a big impact on music…”

“She vaults across multiple octaves effortlessly, performing a jaw-dropping run of arpeggios with a full-bodied, rich tone as she sings about embracing limitless possibilities…a refreshing new talent.”

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