• Showtime’s “Shameless” Features “Lion’s Den”!

    One of Elizaveta and Jonathan Paulsen’s newest songs is in episode 4 of the 11th season of Showtime’s hit series Shameless! If you want to know what an opera singer taking to Rock sounds like, listen to “Lion’s Den” now on all major platforms! 

  • Archangel – Early Release

    Elizaveta’s new single “Archangel” is a both a return to her operatic roots, and a culmination of the electronic influences that have touched her work over the years. With soaring vocals the likes of which haven’t been seen since her distinct tracks “Odi et Amo” and “Bella Anima,” Archangel is set to bring opera to a new generation with its embrace of a Drum ‘n Bass accompaniment, all masterfully assembled in partnership with her long time collaborator Jonathan Paulsen. Additionally, the song is available both as a solo piece with only Elizaveta’s vocals, as well as an alternate duet version sung with the wonderful tenor Timur Bekbosunov! The first phase of its release is to Elizaveta’s Bandcamp, with all other major platforms to follow shortly!  This song has been a labor of love for several years; if you wish to join those that have enjoyed early pre-release access to Elizaveta’s music and watch the evolution of some of her more experimental works, be sure to check out her Patreon!

  • Elizaveta Live for KitaQ Music Days!

    UPDATE: Watch her live event performance: elizavetaのライブの模様をご覧ください  SET LIST 3:52:52 メッセージ [Message] 3:57:06 SOS 4:01:59 赤い風船 [Red Balloon] 4:06:14 HERO 4:10:53 Odi et Amo 4:16:40 夢みる [Dreamer] Elizaveta will be performing in person for the first time in 2020 on October 18th at 14:45 (local time in Japan) as part of KitaQ Music Days! If you aren’t able to attend in person, the event will be streamed live online, so be sure to check the schedule below for your time zone and join us.  エリザヴェータは今年初の公演として、2020年10月18日14:45から、小倉北区勝山公園で、KitaQ Music Daysのステージで演奏します。このイベントは、日韓中で開催される東アジア文化都市2020の一貫として、日本における今年の主催地北九州市がホストするものです。イベントの模様はストリーミング中継されます。 KitaQ Music Days – Watch the LIVESTREAM on YouTube at 東アジア文化都市北九州 STARTING TIME PST: SAT 10/17/2020 10:45 PM CST: SUN 12:45 AM EST: SUN 1:45 AM CET: SUN 7:45 AM MSK: SUN 8:45 AM IST: SUN 11:15 AM 日本 日曜14:45 公演時間30分5曲 (30min/6 songs) VENUE & ADDRESS 勝山公園イベント広場:〒803-0813 福岡県北九州市小倉北区城内3 Katsuyama Park (Event Quarter): 3 Jonai, Kokurakitaku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan Updated to add the address, map, and video markers. Oct 18, 2020 at 22:12 (UST+8)

  • See Elizaveta Live… In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

    Given the current state of health in the world, many concerts have been canceled due to necessary social distancing measures. Elizaveta’s shows were no different in this regard. But she does want to bring you all the gift of music in these times. The Flower Alchemist is now broadcasting signature live shows from her home straight to yours!  Please join us live on to enjoy signature singles, live improvisation, and rare deep dives into her song archives! Elizaveta loops live and creates music on the fly. Her Patreon & Twitch subscribers are also able to request covers and themed improvs. Her current running Twitch live streaming schedule is at 12:00 Noon CEST (Paris)/19.00 JST (Tokyo) on Saturdays and at 6PM PDT/21.00 EDT on Sundays for the USA timezones.  A live/updated schedule is maintained at Elizaveta’s Twitch page. We also recommend watching the shows on your Apple TV, if you have one!

  • SOS (Stonebank/Elizaveta) out on Monstercat!

    Elizaveta’s signature single SOS, co-written with Justin Gray, has a brand new sound! Elizaveta teamed up with the ultra-talented Stonebank, and it has now been released on Monstercat Records.  

  • New single “Waiting (feat. Caroline Campbell)” Released

    April 17th, 2020, Japan – Elizaveta’s new single “Waiting (feat. Caroline Campbell)” was released worldwide. This song was cowritten by Elizaveta & Jonathan Paulsen and featuring world-renown solo violinist, Caroline Campbell.

  • “Horizon” Released

    Elizaveta has been working on a new EP, aimed at relaxation and meditation – something much needed in these tense times. The EP is scheduled to be released in June, and is aptly named songs for sleep. It is mostly piano and signature Elizaveta vocal stylings, and features three solo piano tracks. This is one of them, and it’s called “Horizon”.

  • Silent Night (Live in Russian) – Audio Released

    Elizaveta released Silent Night (Live in Russian) on December 25th, 2019 (PST), which was previously only available as a video.

  • Another Season Approved!

    Спасибо за поддержку! Второй сезон Теста на Беременность закончился, но мы увидим наших героев и услышим новые песни в третьем сезоне! Официальный саундтрек второго сезона выйдет в январе 2020. А пока слушайте и приобретайте «Твои Глаза» и “Afterglow” Elizaveta is happy to announce that due to great ratings, another season of TV series “Pregnancy Test” has been approved and she will be contributing to that, as well! Official soundtrack of season 2 will become available in January 2020. For now get «Твои Глаза» (Your Eyes) and “Afterglow”

  • December 2019 Live Schedule

    Happy Holidays! I will be performing the following shows: 12/13 (Fri) Yokohama [横浜] @ Guest Appearance for MASA 12/16 (Mon) Hollywood [ハリウッド] @ Hotel Cafe 12/21 (Sat) Kokura [小倉] @ Sunnyside Mall Kokura 12/22 (Sun) Fukuoka [福岡] @ Fukuoka Christmas Market 2019

  • 3 New Tracks Released for Russian TV Series

    EN/RU/JP>> Elizaveta’s music is heavily featured in the second season of Russian “Pregnancy Test” TV series. She is also credited as one of two composers for the series, together with Canonical Trance. The premiere is on Channel One Russia tonight, December 3, 2019, and two of her original songs can be heard: “Твои Глаза” and “Afterglow.”

  • Good Omens Song:“Apocalypse Can Wait” Released!

    Apocalypse Can Wait ~Good Omens Song~ feat. CH by Elizaveta & Fernando Perdomo September 3, 2019, Elizaveta released “Apocalypse Can Wait ~Good Omens Song~ feat. CH.” Listen to the song above or on your app:

  • New Single “Black Cat Emergency” Released

    Black Cat Emergency – Single by Elizaveta Elizaveta’s new single “Black Cat Emergency” released on August 20th, 2019. Listen on your app:

  • Meet Again ~Tribute to KyoAni~

    日本語以下)One month ago on July 18th, hearts around the world, mine included, were broken by the tragic event at Kyoto Animation. This is my tribute song. Video below. #kyoani #kyoanistrong

  • Elizaveta’s Japanese Language Album – In Depth

    Tokyo Weekender has published a lovely, in depth interview and review of Elizaveta & Scott Murphy’s joint project in Japanese out this spring. Read it below, or on their site in its entirety. Singers Elizaveta and Scott Murphy Pen a Love Letter to Japan – in Japanese by Lisandra Moore CULTURE, MUSIC The late Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury was candidly verbose about his love for ukiyo-e woodblock prints and wrote the song “Teo Torriatte” to perform for his Japanese fans. Since then few foreign songwriters have attempted to pen songs in Japanese until known Japanophile Rivers Cuomo, frontman of Weezer, teamed up with musician Scott Murphy to release two albums, sung in Japanese, as the duo Scott & Rivers. Now Murphy, former member of the American punk pop band Allister and current bassist for Japanese band Monoeyes, is back on the scene with Russian-American pianist and opera singer Elizaveta. The two joined forces to release the collaborative album Mezameru Riyuu (Reasons to Wake Up), a 12-song album sung almost entirely in Japanese with a healthy mix of ballads, electro-pop and rock tunes, all with whimsical vocals and breezy lyrics. TW contacted the two singers to learn more about how they met, how this project came to be and how they were inspired by Click this link to read more…

  • Yume Miru Official Video Arrived

    和訳以下)Elizaveta released her Japanese duet single “Yume Miru” official video featuring animation short “Fukuromachi” by director Eri Yoshikawa. Elizaveta and her duet partner Scott Murphy are starring in the live scenes of this uplifting adventure story. Yume Miru is the opener of her first full-Japanese duet album “Mezameru Riyuu” (i.e. 目覚める理由).

  • Japanese Duet Album “Mezameru Riyuu(目覚める理由)” Out Now

    和訳以下) On 2019/04/19, American-Russian opera pop chanteuse Elizaveta and rocker Scott Murphy (MONOEYES, ALLiSTER) released their eagerly-awaited collaborative album “Mezameru Riyuu” (i.e. 目覚める理由 in Japanese). The 12-song album is entirely in Japanese language, and the unlikely duo compliment each other with their distinct vocal stylings. The arrangements go from sparse ballads to lush electro pop, and the single “Yume Miru” (夢みる in Japanese) beguiles with its vocal hooks and breezy lyrics.

  • Elizaveta performs “A Little Piece of Heaven” at Shangri La Hotel Tokyo’s 10-Year Anniversary Gala

    MAR. 8, 2019 TOKYO—Elizaveta performed at the 10-Year Anniversary Gala of the 5-star luxury hotel Shangri La Hotel Tokyo.  On stage, she rendered the hotel’s original song “A Little Piece of Heaven,” which she had recorded as one of lead vocalists (the other being Nick Wood). 2019年3月8日 エリザヴェータは東京丸の内の5つ星ラグジュアリーホテル シャングリ・ラ ホテル 東京の、開業10周年祝賀祭に出演し、同ホテル館内を流れるオリジナル曲で、自身がリードヴォーカルの一人としてレコーディングした「A Little Piece of Heaven(ア・リトル・ピース・オブ・ヘヴン/小さな天国の一欠片)」を披露しました。(もう一人のリードヴォーカルは、プロデューサーのニック・ウッド。)

  • Official Single + Video “To Make A Home” from Elizaveta!

    “To Make A Home” is a duet featuring J Warner, who is a talented singer and songwriter, based in U.K. Completely acoustic and recorded live in the same studio room, with Elizaveta on piano, it’s a lovely, fresh way to open the new year, which promises lots of new releases from Elizaveta.  

  • Elizaveta Releases New Single “SOS”!

    Elizaveta is back with her new single “SOS”, which is getting some love at Apple Music. Available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers: Also on BandCamp: To get instant access to the instrumental and vocal stems, sign up at Elizaveta’s Patreon.