Elizaveta Performance EPK

Elizaveta has performed at multiple events and festivals around the world: TED, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and more. Her performances can be intimate or grand in scale, depending on the venue and occasion. Elizaveta has also created customized private shows for Yves Saint Laurent, Cartier, MOCA and many others.

Elizaveta sings in English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin.

Elizaveta’s repertoire includes a wide variety of pop, opera, jazz and soul standards.

Her sets can be customized to the occasion, featuring mostly opera, pop, or jazz genres. Full list of standards and covers, performed by Elizaveta, is available upon request.

For any event featuring Elizaveta, Flower Army Records provides customized music charts, stage diagrams and costume design.

Elizaveta has performed extensively in multiple formats, as follows:

  1. 1) Solo, with Elizaveta on keyboard, electric guitar and/or grand piano, using live sample & vocal looping.
  2. 2) with an electric or acoustic bass player.
  3. 3) with string quartet/quintet.
  4. 4) with full band (drums, bass, guitar).
  5. 5) with symphony orchestra.
  6. 6) with high-resolution backing tracks, if no live instruments are required/available.
  7. 7) with DJ (electro/ambient/dance)

Performance inquiries: team@elizaveta.net






  1. 1)ソロ:キーボード、エレキギター/グランドピアノ(ライブ・サンプリングとヴォーカル・ルーピング使用)
  2. 2)with エレキベース/アコースティックべース
  3. 3)with ストリング・カルテット/クインテット
  4. 4)with バンド(ドラム、ギター、ベース)
  5. 5)with フル・オーケストラ
  6. 6)with ハイレゾ・バックトラック(楽器が不要/不可の場合)
  7. 7)with DJ(エレクトロ・ダンス・アンビエント)