New Site Launch!

This new site has been in the making for a little while. Thanks to the Universal Republic team for help with the graphics, also to i102fly for her wonderful Sketchbooks of my recent tours and Map graphics. The programmer wiz & dear friend Adam Johnson –ZeroIQ– has made it all work and spent hours on the little bits and pieces.

I am particularly excited about the launch of the Beatrix Story Map and starting the process of getting the story out there. Some of you already know that behind the Beatrix Runs record there is a fantastical story written by yours truly, and it's a story of a time-traveling adventuress whose name is Beatrix. Over this past year it managed to take on a life of its own in my head. I am a fledgling writer and this is my first attempt at combining all the bits and pieces of all things musical, graphic and literary in my head.

The plan is to unveil the story in frequent installments over the upcoming three months, as well as crowd-source some of the content from my fans who have been waiting so patiently. If you want to participate, sign up on the Map itself, let us know on Facebook/Twitter or by emailing at team at with a subject reading Beatrix. I will need your ideas, drawings, photos and plot points, because although most of the story is already written, it has plenty fertile ground we can cover together.

I am also very visually oriented, and that is why the story will not be unveiled in a linear fashion, but more like in a film, via scenes of varying length we will keep posting on the Map. Some content will be free and visible for all. Some will need to be unlocked and you will need a special key/password. And there will be other things you will be able to find, as if you were on a treasure hunt, using lyrics and music of my songs, as well as physical packaging of the record.

We have also launched my personal Store with a number of items that will be available for sale very shortly. For now you can always pick up a personally autographed copy of the Beatrix Runs or Breakfast with Chopin, both of which are beautifully hand-illustrated by i102fly.

Finally, this site is in soft launch stages, so we apologize for any potential technical glitches and welcome your feedback.

Thank you for coming!