New single “Waiting (feat. Caroline Campbell)” Released

April 17th, 2020, Japan – Elizaveta’s new single “Waiting (feat. Caroline Campbell)” was released worldwide. This song was cowritten by Elizaveta & Jonathan Paulsen and featuring world-renown solo violinist, Caroline Campbell.

“Life doesn’t always happen at the pace you wish for it to. There are days, weeks and even months or years, when we need to be able to surrender to the situation and wait it out. But there are plenty other times when one must realize that waiting can also be a form of cowardice, or – more compassionately put – fear. We wait when we are afraid of change. We wait because we hope the circumstances will change, or our partner will. We wait to move on, break up, change jobs or career paths, have children etc. We wait. And yet, if there is another thing I have learned in the recent years is: time only passes faster and faster every year, as we grow older. Time flies, as the old cliché would say; and if you wait too long, it runs out on you. We may be waiting, but the world is not. ”——Excerpt From: Elizaveta. “Secret Song Diary.” Read the full text and more by subscribing to Elizaveta on Patreon:

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