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Posted May 15, 2015 at 9:00 am

Trap (lyrics)



If you could only see

I couldn’t love you more

If you belong to me

I’ll hold you

I’ll keep you


But I get so hypnotized

I’m lost

I’m paralyzed

I want to hear your lies

You choke me

You bleed me


I want to die

When I feel you inside my mind


Hearts weren’t meant to last

Breathe in the broken glass           

Tell me it’s going to pass

You’ll need me

You’ll heal me


I want to die

When I feel you inside my mind


If I loved you more than life

Wouldn’t matter if you died

I’ll follow you

I’ll carry you

I’ll try to make it beautiful again

Without the lies, without the pain

Cause in my heart, I know we’ll reunite


I want to die

When I feel you inside my mind

I want to cry

Cause I know I’ve run out of time


These moments in time I knew you were mine

Take me, forgive me

Love me, believe me

It drives me insane

I know – it's only a game

Take me, forgive me

Love me, believe me

This is a trap and I know it will kill me.


Posted May 14, 2015 at 9:44 am

Here we go (almost)

I know, it's so like me – to post a cliffhanger and then leave this blog empty and echoing.

But I was busy! (excuses, excuses).

And so here are some dates and goodies:

Elizaveta Album Cover

As you can see above, this is the cover for my upcoming album 'Messenger'. The single 'Trap' will go live on iTunes worldwide June 1st, and the entire album will be available for pre-order. Oh yes, and a really awesome remix of 'Trap' will be available, too. The full album will go live June 29, 2015.

Track list has been updated, and here it is:

1. Trap

2. Messenger (feat. Great Caesar)

3. Familiar

4. Time of Your Life

5. Icarus

6. Satellite

7. These Stupid Games

8. Bella Anima

9. Space Pirate's Love Song

10. Trap (J Paul Mix)

This is very much my album, in the sense that it's multi genre and yet, I am hoping, there is a thread running through it. It sits somewhere in between Beatrix Runs and Hero in scope. I'll do some detailed entries on the songs and their stories later (yes, I will – pinky swear!)

This album, unlike Hero and more like Beatrix Runs, has a number of pure acoustic moments – but also gets its share of majestic and choral. Generally speaking, it's quite organic and has a lot of piano in it. More than half the tracks – or at least their foundations were recorded live, as in: me, playing piano and singing at the same time.

That brings me to THE TOUR: Look at the right hand column and you will find my tour dates for this summer, or some of them (since we are adding more soon). I'll be performing in New York, Moscow, London, L.A. & San Francisco over the course of two months, so make sure you come and partake, if you are in the area.


What else? I will be the voice of the Tavern Bard for Dragon Age again this year, so that's fun:)

OK, I am off to do more work. 

PS: the source image for the cover is by a wonderful artist I discovered recently, whose name is Eugenia Loli. Google her and partake of her work because she is remarkable – and this cover will get a blog entry all its very own quite soon.

Posted March 11, 2015 at 11:07 am

My album is done!!!!!

And here's a late night poem. I'll write more later with all the details.




A time to write, my cup is full, 
I hug the night, I call its bluff -
you cannot hide, my other half, 
I hear you call; I've set my sail.

From dusk till dawn where lovers live
where stardust gathers at the crack
between what's lost and what we give
I'll find you there – I'll bring you back


A time to write, the moon is high
it sings and whispers me to sleep
I'm dreaming as I slip away
while streetlights sway and shadows creep

I'm full of hope, I'm blessed by words
tomorrow is a gift to claim
Just wait for me, my other half:
I hear you call; I've set my sail.