• Elizaveta’s Song ‘Trap (J Paul Mix) in Shadowhunters TV series

    The hot new primetime TV series featured Elizaveta’s song ‘Trap (J Paul Mix), cowritten with Jonathan Paulsen.

  • Elizaveta at TED Global 2015

    Elizaveta was invited to perform at the prestigious TED Global conference in Geneva and you can read about it here!

  • Elizaveta in Japan

    Elizaveta’s first Japanese language EP is now finished and will be released soon. She will be performing in Tokyo this Sunday, October 25, 2015, at the special pop-up gallery event, presented by Autodesk Space is limited. The event is free, but RSVP is required. RSVP HERE.

  • Elizaveta & NASA

    This music video for Elizaveta’s single ‘Space Pirate’s Love Song’ was made entirely from NASA’s footage of the ISS. It will be screened at the TED Global 2015.  

  • Elizaveta – “Messenger” on Balcony TV

    Elizaveta has stopped by to do a live & raw performance of her title album track for Balcony TV on a Manhattan rooftop!

  • “Hero” in the new ‘Heroes Reborn’ promo

    Watch this awesome promo currently on air for the upcoming TV series, featuring Elizaveta’s song ‘Hero’s remix by Pegboard Nerds:    

  • Icarus – Official Music Video

    Icarus, the official music video, is now live on Vevo! Watch this animated video, edited from the award-winning short film ‘Miss Todd’ and dare to dream of flying! Watch the original short film at and find out more about this remarkable film, its makers and the story behind it.

  • Elizaveta’s ‘Time Of Your Life’ – As Heard On VH1

    If you are a VH1 viewer, you are not mistaken – you are hearing Elizaveta’s uplifting song ‘Time Of Your Life’ on VH1 these days!

  • Icarus VEVO Premiere!

      The music video for Elizaveta’s song ‘Icarus’ was edited from the footage of the student Academy Award-winning short animated film Miss Todd, about the first woman to design airplanes, directed by Kristina Yee. It will premiere on VEVO on July 23, 2015.    

  • Trap – Official Music Video

    Elizaveta’s long-time collaborator and art director Missy “i102fly” Washington has now another title under her belt: video director. She directed and shot this moody clip for Elizaveta, which also features extensive underwater footage, while the rest of it was filmed in New Orleans. Elizaveta’s friend and fan, famed French artisan and guitar-maker James Trussart is also in the video. Imagery of life, death, rebirth and Egyptian symbolism abound.